About us


Garmet began in 1972 as a small company which was mainly concerned with tube manipulation. Over the years it has grown in size through contributing factors such as: altering equipment and changing owners.


Garmet used to belong to a group of companies, until 2004 when the directors believed that Garmet should be focused on going alone. In turn, this move and growth allowed the company to invest in new equipment which increased the capacity and efficiency. Later, in 2011, the change of directors allowed further improvements to the capacity and efficiency. Since this change, there has been a lot of activity in terms of attracting new well-respected customers which has benefited the company greatly by improving Garmet's technical level and quality. Included in this, are the impressive production times where it improved the lead-times from 3-4 weeks to a matter of days, which is important when viewing the aspect that Garmet's competitors have also changed and evolved throughout the years owing to the nature of the broader field of work. This means that they are able to equal themselves to strong competitors.


Garmet has been involved in metalworking for nearly 50 years. We have seen and will continue to be involved in a diverse, changing and challenging market place. Through the growth and development of technology the speed of doing business has increased. We are finding it increasingly important to work closer with our customers and understand their work activities and the environment in which they work.


When you communicate with Garmet we deal with you with the strictest of confidence, and can complete non disclosure agreements upon request and pass this level of protection down to our suppliers where required on request. All of our staff are contractually bound to confidentiality agreements.


Whether you want to explore costing options, discuss fabrication techniques, or be provided with samples of finishing or materials we are happy to help.